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40M Volt Stun Gun - Slider

Price: $30.00
Item Number: Slider-Pink

Available in pink, blue, silver, black, and gold.  Please specify color when ordering.  The miniature self defense stun gun flashlight! The size and appearance of a common flashdrive with 40 million volts of criminal crippling stopping power!  This is a very light and easy to carry weapon.  Easily carry on walks or in your pocket.  At 3 ½” x 1” x 1/2", it’s compact and stunningly powerful. The SLIDER is slim and discreet, quick and handy, and drops an attacker to the ground in seconds!

Simply slide the thumb-switch forward to release 4.9 milliamps of electricity to make anyone think twice before bothering you. Release the thumb-switch and it retracts with ease.

Complete with 80 Lumen LED flashlight, wrist strap, and made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum.  The SLIDER features a quick charging mini-usb port and can be conveniently charged from most cell phone chargers. Includes charger, charging cord, and wrist strap.

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